We have had incredible interest in our pastured eggs lately.  At the moment, we do not have enough for additional customers.  Please check back in mid May because that is when our new hens will be coming of age and start laying. Because our limit is 100, a ridiculously low amount, we are looking into hen shares.  A program whereby, you buy the hen and hire us to take care of them and collect the eggs for you.  This is still probably illegal, if you are willing to become a co-conspirator in a righteous fight to obtain great eggs, come talk to us.  As my favourite farmer Troy Roush says “farmers are ingenious people, if you demand good food, we’ll supply it, come talk to us”, and as I add “until then….., well by the looks of the grocery store shelves, you’ll get what you are currently demanding”.


Maple syrup season is almost over, our store is stocked up with lots of syrup.  No white sugar added.  Come inspect our whole syrup setup from tree to bottle.  We bottle in mason jars for your final inspection.

We are low on oats and are not going to attend any markets until harvest.  This winter, our oat sales never let up, we sold about 10 buckets per week all winter and thus do not have enough for the market.  Without oats, we cannot afford to attend the market by selling only flour.  We are dependent on oats unfortunately.

Also have some whole bellies for home smoking.



We are selling lots of bucket bulk orders, please have your orders in before 7AM on Friday morning. Rolled Oats work out a little cheaper, but all the other grains and flours are less thank half price.

We deliver once per week, no charge, no minimum, we wish we were in stores, but more customer demand is what will get us there.  Please bug your local food source, other than Loblaws(we are not willing to stoop that low on account of the Red Accident) and perhaps they will start buying from us, for you.

Winter is here, time for some oats.  Remember, All Bran Cereal is over 30 percent sugar and it’s one of the healthy ones!  Never underestimate the ingenuity of the food industry to look out for their own interests.

Our new PLESSISVILLE FORANO “1920′s” grain cleaner is working well. What a job to get it going, every night for two months we have tinkered with it, new wood parts, pulleys, flat belts, brushes etc, all hand made and custom. We got the cleaner going last week, but coupled it to a very old Carter Disc today.  Boy what did we do without it, when running some winter wheat through it, all of the small black seeds(you know them) fall out in the first output.  In total, we have 11 bags of cleanings before be get out finished product out, what a dream.  At this rate we’ll have our grain cleaning done in three days.  Last year, I estimate that we spent 60 days, yeah, and don’t forget its our sixth year with the old cleaner.  That represents one year of cleaning, a year out of my life.


Our farm store is open this sunday from noon to 3pm.  We will have some chops, ribs and roasts.  Chickens are now sold out for this year.

We need our buckets back, if you have ever purchased bulk grain from us and forgot to return the bucket we need them back.  We do not have GPS trackers on the empty buckets, but we will find them eventually. We do not want to start charging deposits. A wonderful thing has happened, the buckets are returning, and we thank you.

Our store in Metcalfe will also be open this Sunday. Metcalfe is the village just after Greely in the south of Ottawa, we are 20 minutes from South Keys area and 20 minutes from downtown via the 417, exit Anderson and head south.

The harvesting of the rye, winter wheat, and oats went extremely well. The new variety of oats has turned out to be the most hull-free we have ever harvested. Oat lovers rejoice! Please return any unused buckets, we are desperately short.

We had hoped to take the whole family to Brewer Park market and have Mary serve up her famous crepes this year and the boys grill up our sausages but lost the vote at the AGM that farmers be allowed to serve ready to eat food from their own booth. Unfortunately, until we are allowed to do the final ultimate “value add” of our products at Brewer Park, we are keeping the family together on Sundays and concentrating on our Store. Please demand that the food court be opened up and use local ingredients. We will be making the occasional appearance at the market depending upon family schedules. The wonderful thing about “value adding” is that it is not weather dependent and requires no additional land. This detail (weather dependent) is key. Doing more at the mercy of the weather, is risky, doing more value adding insures our income from the weather.  This year we lost about 1/2 our oats to lodging.  We purchased some crop lifters for the swather and by swathing in one direction only, we were able to salvage about half of what had fallen down.

Trespassers are welcome.  Our farm is open to the public on sunday afternoons or by appointment.  We raise chickens, eggs, pigs, very limited supply of beef from one of our dairy cows and most importantly grain.  We process our grain into flour and rolled/steel cut oats right in front of you. Our animals are moved daily onto a fresh piece of grass.

If you cannot inspect where your food is produced, does that raise questions?

We hope we can help you in your food choices and can recommend other producers who “get it”.

Here is a great chef who sums up how and why we farm.  We are not farming like your grandfather, we are farming for our kids.

Here is our combine, harvesting

For a laugh, watch this one:

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