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Our Farm

Our farm store is open Sundays from noon to 1pm, yes, you read that correctly. One hour per week. If you cannot do that, home delivery is your other option.

Our Wednesday night delivery is doing very well.  We will not be back to the farmers’ market till May. I send out an email every tuesday morning with a story. Our online farmers’ market is available in the link below. Register and I can deliver every Wednesday night.

To get the eggs and chicken, you’ll have to come to our farm on Sundays from noon to 1. We pride ourselves in having the best eggs ever. No free range, no free roam scams, just pastured eggs. Beautiful hens on clover pasture. Moved weekly. Our meat birds are moved daily, we finished our last batch of meat birds in November and are now sold out till late spring. This time of year, the hens are in a mobile greenhouse.

We copy Joel as best we can. Great video here:

Here is another wonderful very long game changing interview, Joel and Joe Rogan going at it:

Some truly beautiful quotes.

To us, it comes to sunlight. Sunlight cures all. Just look at some of the Fortnite basement teenagers and see what happens when our young people have no sun exposure. Dead Fish handshakes and red ringed black eyes that don’t dare look at your eye, pasty white. All bad.

Sunlight cures all.

Remember free range and free roam animals never see the sun, sure they are free in a windowless fluorescent lit barn, with a hundred thousand other cellmates.

Pastured is transparency. You visit, anytime.

Just returned from giving two presentations to wonderful farmers at NOFA NY, the organic farming conference in Saratoga Springs NY. One on oats, one on grilled cheese and how it has saved the family farm.

I had several Cornell researchers attend my talk. I got to know them well. I also sat at several meals with many others. There were also researchers from Uof Vermont, Perdue, N. Dakota, and many other schools. To date, I have never met a researcher from Guelph. “Extension” is the term US schools call their outreach programs for helping farmers. I find it so cool. They were actually interested in what I was doing, all the while, I was trying to pick their brains.

Guelph and Omafra are just a disaster. Corn and Soy, corn and soy, all the while the world goes round on corn and soy. Just amazing the difference. Love it.

We deliver right to your house every Wednesday night. If you want to be on our regular Tuesday morning email, drop me a note. You’ll get a list of everything we have available that day, order deadline is noon Wednesday. Also included is an interesting story to go along with my boring oats.