Renewable Energy Equipment We Use

Twenty years ago we went off-grid and purchased our first three solar panels. From there we gradually increased the size of our system to the point where we now have roughly 3kW worth of solar photovoltaic (PV), one 600W wind generator (Whisper) on an 80-foot tower, one 6600W antique wind generator (Swiss-made Elektro). Half of our panels are mounted on a semi-manual tracker, which stands about 45-feet tall through the roof of our barn and rotates at half the speed of the hour hand on the clock (lots of gearing down). We have to reset it each night to face the east/morning sun. The drive motor is powered by a small, dedicated PV panel that only turns the panel when the sun is shining. We have a 2500W Trace sine wave 12V inverter. Our store runs off a Trace DR 2424 inverter.

We run computers, TV, toaster, fridge, two freezers, washing machine, lights, augers, grain cleaner, power tools, various kitchen appliances, water pump, and many other tools and equipment.