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I do not write this often, we have lots of eggs right now. We let them rest all fall until just after the winter solstice, then we turn on a light for a few hours morning and night. As a result, they start laying better. We have lots-o-eggs this week, hope to see you. My wonderful wife Kim will be there to chat to. She is the best. Plus she helped me bring in 5 big loads of firewood yesterday. The best.

Our farm store is open Sundays from noon to 1pm, yes, you read that correctly. One hour per week. If you cannot do that, home delivery is your other option.

Our Tuesday night delivery is doing very well.    I send out an email every Monday morning with a story. Our online farmers’ market is available in the link above. Register and I can deliver every Tuesday night.

To get the eggs and chicken, you’ll have to come to our farm on Sundays from noon to 1. We pride ourselves in having the best eggs ever. No free range, no free roam scams, just pastured eggs.

We copy Joel as best we can. Great video here:

Here is another wonderful very long game changing interview, Joel and Joe Rogan going at it:

Some truly beautiful quotes.

To us, it comes to sunlight. Sunlight cures all. Just look at some of the Fortnite basement teenagers and see what happens when our young people have no sun exposure. Dead Fish handshakes and red ringed black eyes that don’t dare look at your eye, pasty white. All bad.

Sunlight cures all.

Remember free range and free roam animals never see the sun, sure they are free in a windowless fluorescent lit barn, with a hundred thousand other cellmates.

Pastured is transparency. You visit, anytime.

Castor River Farm: Serving Your Livestock and Poultry Needs 

Everyone needs to eat because that is the way that our body gets the nutrients it needs. With that, it is highly important that we consume nutritious meat as a part of our diet. By doing so, we can be assured that our body will have what it needs. 

Here at Castor River Farm, we ensure our clients that the livestock and poultry products that we have are all in their best condition. By properly taking care of our animals, our customers can be guaranteed that their meat is as nutritious as it is supposed to be. 

With that, here is a closer look at some of the ways that we take care of our animals so that we can assure their health. 

We keep them separated 

We make sure that our animals are kept in their respective areas. Aside from the fact that the same animals are kept together, we also made sure to separate the young ones from the older ones. 

That way, young animals can grow in an environment without accidentally being stepped on by the older ones. Still, we make sure to let these young animals spend some time with their mothers so that they can properly feed on them. 

We give them the right feeds

In order for these animals to be nutritious, we make sure that they are being given the right food. Chicken, pigs, and cows all feed on different things. With that, we make sure that we always have enough stock of food in our storage facilities, especially for the chickens and the pigs.

Aside from feeding our cows, we also allow them to graze freely on our farm. For best results, we follow a rotational grazing schedule so that our grass can also recover afterwards.  

We have them regularly checked 

So as not to have any complications, we work with veterinarians who know the health conditions of our animals. That way, we can be assured that there will be no infected animal on the farm. We also observe our animals’ behaviour while taking care of them. 

We clean their pens 

We believe that animals are healthier once they are kept clean and comfortable. To maintain the cleanliness of our animal pens, we make sure that our staff cleans each one as often as possible. That way, our animals will not have to be exposed to the wastes of each other. 

We have all their needs 

Upon visiting us, one will notice that we have a large farm space. To stay dedicated to producing the best animals, we also have to have the best farm facilities. With the space that we have, our animals can move comfortably. Also, we make sure that there is a proper area allocated for all of our needs as breeders and domesticators.

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