First off: We do not do full animals, sell only by the cut. Sorry.

We have two Brown Swiss family dairy cows that we breed to a beef cow. We raise the calf for 14 months, normally butchering just before winter. At no time does the calf get grain, only grass and milk. We separate the calf and cow each night, allowing us to milk in the morning. This produces ample milk for us and a healthy, fast growing calf. Because we only raise one calf at a time, the meat is in very limited supply. To watch a dairy cow and her calf bond for a full year is amazing. Again here, the secret is good food, sunlight, and fresh air, three things absent in today’s food system.

The Beefy Tips You Should Know  

Heads up! Even if we are a farm that offers a variety of products, we make sure that it is all high-quality. As a matter of fact, we also have butchering services. The great thing is that you can also visit us every Sunday. 

We can also have your orders delivered right to your doorstep. All you need to provide is your complete name, address, and phone or telephone number. However, we only accept cash on delivery. We are still working on accepting credit card and online payment. 

As you visit our farm store, do not forget to check out our beef products. What makes us different is that we raise brown Swiss family dairy cattle. We also make sure that our cow will only eat grass and milk for a tender juicy meat.

Aside from meat products, we also offer fresh milk. However, it is only limited. If you want to reserve yours, it is best to call our hotline. On the other hand, if you are not sure how to buy meat here are some of the tips you should know: 

The Shop 

It is best to choose the right shop. Do not be fooled by the advertisements and photos outside the store. Fortunately, we make sure that all of our meat is high-quality. There is also nothing wrong if you want to take your time when choosing the right meat. 

The Fat Level 

The meat has a lot of fat if it has more white portions than the red ones. You can also lightly poke or squeeze the meat if possible. It is recommended to choose meat that has the right amount of fat because it helps retain its naturally flavourful juice.    

The Right Cut 

You need to identify the kind of cut you want to use or simply the dish you want to cook. This is because most of the store butchers know the right kind of cut for a specific dish. Here are the different types of cut:   

  • Chuck- it basically comes from the cow’s shoulder. This cut is also popularly known as the most flavourful part that can be prepared in so many ways
  • Rib- it is from a cow’s backbone and ribs. The great thing about this kind of cut is that it is tender and has a marbling fat 
  • Loin- this cut is the most expensive of them all because it comes from directly behind the ribs, a not heavily used muscle. This is why it is much tender compared to other muscular parts 
  • Round- it is an inexpensive and lean cut from the cow’s hind legs. Because of its toughness, you need to research how to prepare and properly cook it 
  • Flank- it is the kind of cut that has no bones. Even though it is known for its toughness and flavourful taste, it is known as one of the popular cuts 
  • Short plate- it is found near the stomach of the cow. This cut is also usually used as beef bacon, pastrami, or skirt steak 
  • Brisket- it is from the cow’s breast. It is also popularly known for having fatty and textured meat. This is also the reason why you should learn how to properly prepare and cook it. There are two types of brisket. These are the brisket point and the brisket flat 
  • Shank- this type of cut is known as the toughest but cheapest cut of beef. It is also often dry which requires a longer cooking time. It usually used for soup or stew   

The Bone 

You also need to decide if you want boned or boneless meat. If you prefer a shorter period of cooking time, you should definitely go with boned meat. Bones are good heat conductors which help in spreading the heat throughout the meat. On the other hand, you need a longer cooking time if you want boneless meat.    

The Appearance and Colour   

You should keep an eye out for its appearance and colour. You need to make sure that it is free from broken bones, discolouration, and bruises. To make it easier for you, the meat should be brighter in colour. Stay away from meat that looks old and brown or grey in colour.  

Simple Tips When Storing Beef

Now that you know where to buy the best beef in town. You should also know how to store it. Here are some of the tips when storing beef:   

Storing the Meat in the Refrigerator or Chiller 

If you are planning to store the meat in a refrigerator or chiller, you need to make sure that it is properly placed inside a plastic container or ziplock. You should also pat it dry or remove the juices to avoid spilling or cause cross-contamination. In this way, you can keep the meat fresh for up to two days.  

Smoking the Meat 

It is the kind of storing method that dries out all of the most. It is also the best way to avoid the chances of growing bacteria. However, do not be surprised if it turns into a darker colour with a smokey flavour. If placed in a refrigerator, it can last up to two months. 

Drying the Meat

This is the kind of method wherein you need to dry the meat under the sun. It is usually done during the summer or dry season. However, there are some countries that do it during winter. The great thing about it is that it enhances the flavour of the meat. 

Curing or Salting the Meat

It is the method wherein you need a high concentration of salt to reduce its moisture. It helps a lot in improving the flavour of the meat. It can also be combined with smoking or drying methods. If the meat is already salted upon buying, it is best to desalt it first before cooking.    

Irradiated Meat  

It is the kind of method that can kill pathogenic bacteria. In simpler terms, it is used to sterilize the meat. The great thing about this method is that it can extend the shelf life of the meat.  

Freeze-Drying Meat

If you have your own company, this is the recommended method to effectively store meat. However, it is made by using expensive machines. After freezing the meat, a strong vacuum is used to remove the moisture. It is then sealed in an oxygen-proof bag or container. 

Freezing the Meat 

This is the most common and simplest method to store your meat. All you need to do is to place it in a cling wrap or store it inside a container to keep its moisture. However, you need to keep an eye out to avoid the formation of large ice crystals. 

Vacuum Packaging  

It is the kind of method wherein the meat is stored in a vacuumed packaging. It is also the most effective way to prolong the shelf life of the meat. As a matter of fact, it can last for three to four months. 

The Handling Tips 

It might not be obvious but you also need to be careful when handling meat. You need to remove the juices from the raw beef to avoid spilling and cross-contamination. It should not make contact with the other products inside your refrigerator. It is best to place it on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator or freezer. 

Do not leave the meat below the recommended room temperature. This is to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. If there are leftovers, you should place them in the refrigerator after the meal. If you are planning to eat outdoors, it should be consumed within the day.  

If you bought ground beef, you should defrost it first in the refrigerator. You should avoid defrosting at room temperature and cook it after defrosting. It is not recommended to cook ground beef if it is not defrosted properly.  

The Health Benefits of Eating Beef 

It might feel heavy after eating a steak but it actually has a lot of health benefits, it is a great source of L-carnitine. It is basically an amino acid that is naturally found in meat products. This is the kind of nutrient that plays a huge role in your metabolism. It simply transports the fats to your mitochondria for burning. 

Beef is also known as a master antioxidant. This simply means that it has anti-ageing benefits, can prevent different kinds of illnesses, reduces your risk of chronic disease, and can also strengthen your immune system.  

If you are building muscles, you should definitely include beef in your diet. It is because it is high in protein that can help in improving your muscle mass. The protein coming from the beef can also discourage you from craving more food.   

Beef is also known for being rich in minerals. Some of these are calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. However, it is still recommended to consume meat in a moderate amount.   For more beef products, you should probably check Castor River Farm out. Happy shopping!

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