How to interact with farm animals

Casto River Farm: How to interact with farm animals

There’s nothing quite relaxing like going to a farm and taking in the fresh, unpolluted air. If you want to get away from the noise and stress in the city, then it could be time to visit a quaint farm in the countryside. 

Here at Casto River Farm, our doors are open to the public to have a taste of what life is like in a farm. Visitors can come and meet our beloved animals and have interactive experiences for those who want to give it a try. 

Take a look at what you need to remember when interacting with our farm animals: 

  1. Listen to the tour guide
    While visiting the animals, several tour guides and staff members will be there to help you. They will remind you how to act around the animals and what not to do especially when some animals are pregnant or have a rowdy disposition. Listen to your tour guide to be safe and avoid accidents. 
  2. Be calm and avoid rowdiness.
    Animals are brilliant creatures that can sense if something is wrong in their surroundings. While petting our animals, it’s best to keep calm and avoid making sudden movements as you could startle them. 
  3. Wear good clothes and shoes.
    We advise our customers to wear good clothes and footwear when visiting the farm. This includes a comfortable pair of pants and shirts that aren’t loose or revealing. For your shoes, keep in mind that some terrain could be muddy or dirty, so opt for boots that are easy to clean. 
  4. Approach with caution
    One of the most important things we try to tell our visitors is to be careful around animals. While our creatures are loveable and gentle, they can still feel threatened. When approaching large animals like cows and horses, it’s better to approach them from the side to let them know that someone is coming to meet them. 
  5. Have fun!
    We want both our guests and the animals to have a great time, so feel free to pet our farm animals and interact with them. Our horses, pigs, and llamas especially like to be brushed or given cuddles. Have a great experience in our farm and make unforgettable memories. 

About Casto River Farm

Casto River Farm is a facility located in the Khao Yai region of Thailand. This area features large pastures and clean air, perfect for those who want to escape the city and get a refresher in the rural setting. 

Our farm offers many different amenities and activities to keep the whole family entertained. Choose from activities such as horseback riding, egg hunting, swimming in a beautiful creek, interacting with farm animals, and many more! 

We love seeing customers have fun with their family and friends, so please feel free to visit! If you are interested in booking a stay with us, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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