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We have decided to only do deliveries on Wednesdays and not attend the winter market at Lansdowne. Ottawa markets are so ridiculously long, you spend a day preparing, an 18 hour day when you add market time, setup, packup, morning chores including milking, and night chores. For some reason, Ottawa has 8 hour markets, the rest of the world averages 3. The next day after an 18 hour day is blown, cloudy all day, lucky I figure, to get anything done.

Please send me an email if you want a delivery on Wednesday nights, we send out an email to all our customers every Tues morning with what is available Wed night. Joel Salatin convinced me, to put some of our efforts to marketing outside of the farmers’ market. Don’t get me wrong, I love market and actually am missing it, but we have to innovate and so far, the deliveries are returning triple the hourly rate for the work involved. That is just considering the one day, as it is now, I get full production out of myself the next day.

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For the past three winters, we have been at the new indoor Lansdowne Farmers’ Market.  Local food has never had such an opportunity. Till now, people who were concerned about what they eat had to wean themselves away from the farmers’ market at Christmas and start up again in May. No longer, winter spinach, the sweetest you’ve ever tasted, will be at our new winter market, not by us, but by inspiring veggie farmers growing something that only the Northeast can grow. Grains are something that excel in long term storage and thus we’ll be going to every market this winter.

Visit us year round at our retail farm store, 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, located at 2696 9th Line Road, one mile east of the village of Metcalfe, Ontario. The store is open Sunday afternoons noon to 3pm.

Please note: Eggs are only available at the store, first come, first serve, starting at noon.  Please don’t ask us to reserve some for you, unfortunately this model is the only fair system we can come up with. We, and our mortgage, desperately wish we could increase the number of hens we raise.  Ideally they would follow the cows every day, but we are limited by silly provincial quotas to make Joel’s model, featured in Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’swork to its fullest potential. We would dearly love to raise more and if we lived in a capitalistic society, we would, but so long as we are stuck in a corporatist one, we are restricted to just 100 hens, sorry about this. Remember your buying purchases dictate what type of food system we have. We all get to vote 3 times per day, please exercise it.

Please also contact us if you would like one of us to speak to your group about small-scale grain farming or renewable energy. We also do demonstrations at local fairs, and provide tours of our farm.

George Wright and Kim MacMullin

(613) 821-9999

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